Expanding Preview

The expanding preview layout takes a grid of items, and displays the item's content once the user clicks on the item.  

The Expanded preview uses responsive grid similar to the grid featured in our other responsive layouts.


  • Jane Johnson Jane Johnson

    I have a cat named Napoleon. I love spicy foods and beautiful pictures.

  • Samantha Cook Samantha Cook

    I get my inspiration from nature and objects around me. I have a passion to colours, typography and skateboards.

  •  A beautiful night in sidney A beautiful night in sidney

    Each character's point-of-view is a different color. The text of the manuscript is color-coded the same way. The last thing I do before submitting the manuscript is turn all those colors back to black


Required elements

The Expanded preview requires at least the item image and the item title in order to function.


Options available for Expanding Preview


Options include: none, boxed, lines

Maximum Number of Columns

Sets the maximum number of columns the grid will be displayed in (1-6). See the Grid documentation for further information.